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I just received an email from Babycenter with the subject line "Your 2-year-old: Normal? Or Gifted?" Hilarious. Inside, the email sagely advises, "As you watch your child this year, you might notice clear strengths. Maybe he's a whiz on a tricycle and can pitch a ball like a 5-year-old. Or maybe he seems to take in and use every new word he hears. At this age, it's hard to say whether this is a gift or whether it simply means your child is working hard to master a skill." Links lead to an article on "How to spot the signs of giftedness." One of the "signs" is that your toddler "Is relentlessly curious and never seems to stop asking questions." There are a hell of a lot of gifted toddlers around I guess. Thank god Babycenter is on the ball making sure their parents get them the help they need. 

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