thou hast cleft my heart in twain

Nugget and I are spending a few weeks at my mom's beach house to get some quality time with "G-Ma." I've been taking advantage of the extra caregivers in the house to work on a brief that's due tomorrow. Last night I was up late working on it when I heard "Mommy!" wailed pitifully from upstairs. I ran up and gave Nugget the glass of water he wanted, got him back to sleep, and returned to my brief. It was a welcome interruption, and not just because I was procrastinating. There is something about that cry of mommy in the night that gives me a rush. Nugget has complete trust that if he calls out for me I will appear from somewhere and make things right. That should be terrifying, but somehow it's inspiring.

Update: Right after I posted this I thought I heard Nugget call me so I went running upstairs. When I got there he said, "No, not you. My calling G-Ma!" So much for my lofty musings.

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