roaring for a chamber-pot

Warning: Readers without children may want to skip this post.

So I really didn't want to start potty-training, as I've mentioned, but Nugget has seemed very ready for a while so I felt like I should. I guess I have to reevaluate what constitutes readiness.

We went all out on potty training starting this morning, and in the less than four hours it took me to give up, Nugget went through six pairs of underwear, including one that I threw away (I know it's not ecologically or economically sound, but there's a reason I didn't do cloth diapering. I'm just not willing to go there.) and Nugget did not earn a single sticker.

I really tried to stick with it, even after I repeatedly asked him to be very specific about whether he had to poop or had already pooped, and, with his full assurance that he had not pooped, I pulled down his pants and poop fell out.

The final straw was after I cleaned him up from that little incident, and I asked him over and over again whether he wanted to sit on the potty before putting clean underwear on; he said no, no, he didn't have to pee, so I foolishly listened to him and put clean underwear on. Whereupon he immediately told me he had to pee. Whereupon I discovered he had in fact already peed. In the underwear that had been on him for less than two minutes.

This is why I am not ready to potty train. Not because I don't want my baby to grow up. Nugget will always be my baby, even when he doesn't need me to clean up his poop. Even (sigh) when he does need me to clean up his poop.

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