to show virtue her own feature

(after watching the rest of the new Emma on PBS)

A: Do you like Emma?
T: The character?
A: Yes.
T: … she generally has a good heart but she’s completely blind to her own faults, and she’s a total snob.
A: When I reread Emma last week it struck me that the reason I’ve always disliked her so much is that she reminds me of me.
T: (laughs uproariously)
A: Do you think we’re alike?
T: Uh … (still laughing)
A: ?
T: I’m afraid to say …
A: ?
T: In some respects, yes.
A: Blindness to faults and snobbery?
T: More the former …
A: Yes … If I had any faults I would be blind to them.

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