Where Cupid got new fire

We purchased our first home this year, a lovely little condo that has a large jacuzzi bathtub. The only problem is that our hot water heater is not quite up to the task of filling the tub. Life is tough, I know. I think this might be the definition of a luxury problem.

So I treated myself to a nice long bath with a book and a glass of wine last night, but I neglected to keep a close enough eye on the tub when it was filling and it ended up being not as hot as I would have liked. Especially after I lingered in there with my book and wine as it it cooled. I gambled on having waited long enough that the hot water might have replenished, but I ended up making it worse by running cold water for a minute in the hope that it would heat up.

So I took a page from Little House on the Prairie and called out to my husband to boil me some hot water. Back and forth he went with three large potfuls and a kettle of hot water, and it still wasn't hot enough for me. (Is my husband not the greatest?)

When I was about 10 I desperately wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I think it's safe to say I'm no frontier girl.

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