no time for a shakespeare reference today

One more thought about this spouses-who-work-outside-the-home-have-more-stress thing. I think a big part of it for me is the fact that I'm performing on a larger stage at work. My failures and successes, big and small, are seen by many more people, people who don't know me very well, people who don't care about me, people the world considers Very Important, etc. I do wonder whether that's something that translates to other people in my position, because I do have particular sensitivity to that sort of thing--what people think of me. But you don't have to be self-obsessed to care that Corner Office Partner X and Federal Judge Y and Opposing Counsel Z think you're an idiot, right? I suspect not.

Baby's crying.


Erin Davis said...

Nope. You don't have to be crazy to understand that at all. :0)

Trent said...

More stress or not, 8 days out of 10 I'd be more than happy to switch places with you.

Monique said...

Found your blog through Trent. It's witty and blunt. -- That's my favorite combo, especially when it comes from a woman.

As working moms it looks like we're living in parallel worlds. Mind if I add you as a link?

Anne said...

I would be thrilled! And thank you for calling me blunt ... fon't ask me why, but I find that very gratifying.